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How Long Should You Wait Before Sleeping in the Room After Painting?

It is generally recommended to wait at least 4 hours before sleeping in a room after it has been painted. This is because most paint products take around 2 to 6 hours to fully cure and take longer with the new types of paint and this is usually cured in about 28 days, so being careful until the cure time is achieved will result in a better durable finish with no damage. Some paint products may take longer to cure, so it is important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before assuming it’s safe to do anything to the surface.

Interior Paint Drying Times

  • Behr Paint – At a temperature of 77°F (25ºC) and humidity level of 50%, the paint will dry to the touch within an hour and can be recoated in two hours. However, in cooler temperatures and higher humidity, it may require a longer drying time. Once two weeks have passed, the painted surface will be fully cured and can be cleaned using a mild, non-abrasive liquid detergent.

  • Sherwin Williams – When it comes to drying time and cleanup, there are differences between latex and alkyd paints. Latex paint will dry to the touch within an hour and can be cleaned up using water. On the other hand, alkyd paint requires an overnight drying time and can be cleaned up using a solvent.

  • Hempel – The final appearance of the paint will vary based on the conditions during application and drying/curing. The reported result is based on laboratory conditions and after a drying period of seven days at a temperature of 23°C/73°F and a relative humidity of 50%.

  • Dulux – Latex or alkyd paint may require a significant amount of time to fully cure once applied. Although most latex paints are dry to the touch within an hour and dry enough for re-coating within four hours, it can take up to three weeks for all the solvent film-forming additives to evaporate from the product.

  • Cloverdale Paint – Acrylic Latex paint will be tack-free in just 30 minutes if room is at a temperature of 25°C (77°F) and with a relative humidity of 50%, However, it is recommended to wait at least two hours before recoating the surface. When it comes to cleaning, using warm soapy water is sufficient.

  • Benjamin Moore – The majority of home projects utilize acrylic paint, which dries in one hour but typically requires 2-3 weeks to fully cure. In contrast, oil-based paint, which is less frequently employed, dries in 8-16 hours but can cure in as little as five days.

It’s also important to note that the weather can affect the curing time of paint. Humid and cool temperatures can slow down the curing process, so it may take longer for the paint to dry and cure in these conditions. On the other hand, warm and dry conditions can speed up the curing process.

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