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Does Wallpaper Affect Home Value?

When homeowners are considering home renovations, they often weigh the potential impact on their property value. In this regard, wallpaper may be a topic of debate. Some argue that certain types of wallpaper can add value to a home, while others believe that it can decrease property value. In this article, we will explore the effects of wallpaper on home value and discuss key considerations for homeowners.

What are the specific types of wallpaper that can add value to a home?

Contrary to popular belief, wallpaper doesn’t actually have a positive effect on home value. In fact, it is one of the top five things that buyers don’t want to see in a house. This means that if wallpaper is present and not removed before putting the house on the market, it can potentially hinder a homeowner’s chances of selling their property. Therefore, it is essential to take into account buyer preferences and consider removing wallpaper to increase the marketability of a home.

What are the financial benefits of adding wallpaper to a home?

While wallpaper may not directly affect home value, it can offer some financial benefits for homeowners. Apart from its aesthetic appearance, wallpaper adds to the longevity and durability of walls. This is especially true when using solid colors, as wallpaper acts as a protective layer that is cleanable and washable. This increased durability can result in lower maintenance and repair costs over time, making wallpaper a cost-efficient choice for homeowners. While selecting the right design and color of wallpaper can offer aesthetic and financial benefits, it’s crucial to be aware of common mistakes; learn more about what you should not do when choosing wallpaper.

What are the potential drawbacks of adding wallpaper to a home?

Although wallpaper can be visually appealing with its distinctive designs and luxurious feel, it is essential to consider its potential drawbacks. One significant downside is the higher cost compared to alternative wall treatments like paint. Additionally, installing and removing wallpaper can be challenging and time-consuming, requiring professional assistance for optimal results. Furthermore, despite its durability, wallpaper does not last forever and may need to be replaced or updated more frequently than other options. While installing wallpaper can be a challenging process, determining whether to do it yourself or hire a professional is essential. Find out more about whether you should hire someone to do the wallpaper.

What characteristics should homeowners look for when selecting wallpaper for their homes?

If homeowners still decide to use wallpaper for their own enjoyment rather than for sale purposes, they should consider certain characteristics when selecting the right wallpaper for their home. One crucial aspect is ensuring that the colors of the wallpaper match the overall décor of the space. By selecting colors that complement or tie in with the existing furniture and accessories, homeowners can create an intentional and cohesive look. Soft, cool colors can evoke a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, while warm colors create a livelier and more energetic ambience. Just as homeowners test paint colors to ensure they suit the room’s aesthetics, similar care should be taken when choosing wallpaper. If you’re considering a paint option, learn how to test out paint colours before painting your home.

How does wallpaper compare to other home decorating options in terms of increasing home value?

When it comes to increasing home value, wallpaper may not be the most effective choice. While it offers aesthetic appeal and durability advantages, it does not have the same impact as other home decorating options. 

For instance, a well-designed kitchen or bathroom renovation often has a more significant positive effect on property value. However, if homeowners are looking for something that is cost-efficient and long-lasting, wallpaper can be a viable option. Unlike paint, wallpaper is less prone to getting dented or chipped, offering added durability in high-traffic areas. While wallpaper has its unique characteristics, paint is another popular choice for homeowners. Explore the different types of interior paint to understand the alternatives available.

In conclusion, while wallpaper may have aesthetic appeal and durability benefits, it does not directly affect home value. In fact, it is often viewed as a potential downside by homebuyers. Homeowners should carefully consider buyer preferences and the potential costs and time involved in wallpaper installation and removal. Ultimately, investing in other home renovations, such as kitchen or bathroom upgrades, may have a more significant impact on property value.

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