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5 Signs Your Stucco Needs Repairs

Stucco is an affordable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance siding option for many homes and buildings. And while it’s a great choice to keep your building looking its best, it needs to be monitored and maintained regularly. 

Even with regular maintenance, however, sometimes stucco may need repairs. Knowing the signs of stucco damage is essential for homeowners, homebuyers, and property managers alike. This article covers 3 signs that indicate stucco needs repairs, some causes of stucco damage, repair costs, DIY vs. professional solutions, and tips for stucco maintenance

What Is Stucco and Why Does It Need Repairs?

Stucco is a type of cement-based siding often used to finish the exterior of homes and other buildings. It’s made from a combination of cement, sand, lime, and water and is available in a variety of colors and textures. The two common types of stucco systems are the three-coat system and the one-coat system.

Stucco is very durable, but it can still suffer wear and tear over time. In particular, minor cracks or blisters can occur due to various causes, such as water damage, extreme weather, house settling, seismic activity, improper preparation, and improper installation. If these issues aren’t addressed, they can lead to bigger problems and larger repair costs down the line. Stucco is very durable, but when it does suffer damage, homeowners often face the dilemma of deciding between repairing or replacing their stucco.

What Are The Signs That Your Stucco Needs Repairs?

The good news is that there are several warning signs that indicate when stucco needs repair. Keep an eye out for the following signs:

Heavy Staining – Discoloration, spots, or stains on the stucco surface could be signs of water seepage.

Thin Cracks – Thin lines or cracks in the stucco surface may appear due to settlement or normal contraction and expansion of the walls.

Long Cracks – Longer cracks typically indicate more serious structural issues, which should be addressed immediately.

Bulges in the Stucco Wall Finish – Bulges or “bubbles” in the wall could be caused by water damage or poor application.

Missing Stucco – Pieces of stucco missing from the surface may indicate water damage or settling.

If you’ve noticed signs like heavy staining, thin cracks, or missing pieces, consider checking out this comprehensive guide to repairing old stucco for step-by-step guidance.


Stucco is a practical, aesthetically pleasing, and durable option for many homes and buildings. However, like any other material, it requires proper maintenance and attention to ensure its longevity. Recognizing the signs of stucco damage, such as heavy staining, thin or long cracks, bulges, and missing pieces, can be key in preventing minor issues from escalating into more costly repairs.

While it’s possible to undertake stucco repairs yourself, the task may require a certain level of expertise to ensure it’s done correctly and avoid potential future problems. Hiring a professional, although potentially more costly upfront, can ensure the job is executed to a high standard, potentially saving money in the long run. A proactive approach to stucco maintenance, including following summer maintenance tips for stucco, can help extend its life and maintain the beauty of your property. If you’re thinking of repainting after repairs, learn whether you should power wash your house before painting it to achieve the best results. While stucco is a durable option, understanding its [typical lifespan] can help homeowners plan for future maintenance and repairs.

As a property owner, maintaining your stucco is essential. Regular inspections, maintaining gutters and downspouts, keeping the surface clean, and sealing or painting when necessary are all part of this crucial process. A proactive approach to stucco maintenance can help extend its life, maintain the beauty of your property, and prevent further damages.

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