Residential Power Washing Services
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Residential Power Washing Services

Power washing is an excellent way to strip paint, dirt, and grime off the exterior of a building quickly and efficiently, and with a minimum of fuss. Whether you own a small basement suite or a much larger detached housing unit, power washing is one of the fastest and most effective methods of cleaning and preparing a residential exterior surface for repainting, renewal, or general maintenance work.

At All Painting Ltd. we strive to provide the highest quality service at the most competitive prices, and to maintain total honesty, fairness, and transparency in the relationships we develop with our customers with power washing. We know that just because our craftsmen have entered your property, it doesn’t mean that your life suddenly stops. Our staff will clean up their work area every day. We offer a minimum of disruption and a job completed to the highest industry standards.

So if you live in the Coquitlam area, and you’re in need of a prompt and professional power washing service, call us now to schedule an appointment. We look forward to talking to you.

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    We couldn't be happier with the service we got from All Painting. It's very apparent that Ron, the owner, takes great pride in his service. All Painting was one of three companies that we received quotes from to paint the exterior of our house in Vancouver. They were the most professional and helpful out of the three. Ron and his team were able to give us professional guidance on the project and mentioned several options for what we could do. Ian came to our house to do the estimate, he was very considerate throughout the whole quoting process and was able to give us information along the way to help us make the right aesthetic and longevity of the results. The painters that came were very professional and communicative (they could speak English). They did an excellent job and finished the whole project in a few days. This includes pressure washing, priming, and painting the entire exterior of our house. Ian stopped by many times to check their work and check each stage of the project.

    I am very impressed with the result. They are very focused on detail and don't cut any corners. Ron and his team stand behind their work with an excellent warranty. I would hire them again and recommend them to anyone.

    Sian P.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Vancouver painters

    All Painting - Very professional!!! Good workmanship. Our patio and rafter were in pretty badly beaten shape. Ian's quote was not the cheapest but the company scraped the paint versus power washing the patio ceiling which I preferred and put bonding material to fill the void.

    On the day of the work, one of the painters was a no-show and the main painter worked his butt off and did quality work. A recommendation is to be on-site because not everything agreed by the sales rep was communicated to the work crew (e.g., patch hole and painting the conduit as agreed). However, it was all done in the end and quality is very good.

    Bryan at the office was professional and they even called after the work to check up on the work and asked permission before charging the final balance.

    Nice job All Painting!

    Ayush R

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Port Moody painters

    When it comes to hiring out contractors, we are extremely careful in who we choose. After having a complete house reno back in 2007, we'd dealt with a few who were, frankly, out to get as much money as they could for very shoddy workmanship. It made for a frustrating experience. We did as much as we could on our own, like painting, until I came down with a chemical allergy. We began looking for a company who could finish our painting project and we chose All Painting. The crew they sent to our house (in Port Moody) were not only meticulous painters, but they also went over and above to make sure the entire job was done well. They were excellent, and we don't use those words lightly. Ron, thank you so much for standing behind your words with integrity and for sending a crew that did an outstanding job for us! We have and will continue to recommend All Painting Ltd!

    Jensen C

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Port Moody painters

    You can't ask for more once it comes to All Painting. They were beyond great. The superb professional customer service by Bryan PLUS outstanding work is hard to come by. Great price, patient, clean tidy and FAST.

    I will be sticking with this Burnaby painting company for all future painting projects. I had made arrangements for an interior painter to paint my bedrooms. I took my furniture out of my rooms waiting patiently for a Burnaby painter who I found on Craiglist to arrive. He didn't show up at all. Didn't even call, nothing.

    I was unable to get a hold of him. With everything already out of my room, I needed a painter ASAP. I began searching and came across All Painting.

    Out of all the painters, here was something different about All Painting. They stood out from the rest. The person on the phone was very calm, friendly, likable, professional vibe to him. Great energy. Ian, the estimator, was very understanding when I expressed my situation.

    Even with such short notice, and finished in no time. A real professional painting company! I was so grateful. On top of that, the work is extremely good. The lines are really really clean. I was impressed. They even fixed errors the previous painter made.

    Heather E.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Burnaby painters

    We called this company to give us an interior painting quote on our 1,800 sq ft home (which includes a powder room, kitchen, dining, living room, hallway, the stairway to 2nd floor, 7 closets, 4 bedrooms) for repainting and dap caulking on trims. We are updating our house and paint is our last job in the said areas. The ceiling in the living room and dining, 12 door jambs are all newly installed and needed a primer.

    The measurements of the space were done thoroughly by Ian. He also noticed that we did a good job on our home renovations hence he paid a lot more attention to the details when he was coming up with the paint job estimate. He told me he needed a bit more time to come up with a quote because he didn't want the paint job to mess up with any parts of our newly renovated home. He suggested using the professional paint (Benjamin Moore Spec 500 eggshell) that we used last year on our kitchen and powder room instead of the Benjamin Moore Ben line that the other painting company suggested.

    Needless to say, Ian and his team of Coquitlam painters did a great job in my place. The work was all very high quality and they really stuck to the timelines they laid out. I was able to finish my renovation project on time! I will be using All Painting again soon and would recommend this Coquitlam painting company to anybody that is looking for a great paint job.

    Eric P.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Coquitlam painters

    Exactly as advertised, plus. Ron's team of Coquitlam painters showed up on time, 8:30am. I had a small room for them to paint but one wall had wallpaper and there was a mantlepiece with lots of nooks and crannies. Add to that the building is old so there were some major cracks.

    When they left at 3:30 pm the room was transformed. Special note regarding the cracks, which I have come to know quite well over the years. I was not expecting the painting crew to do much about one crack which was about 2 feet long and convex, so not suited to filling. That said, through the lead painter's diligence (his name is Gustavo) and some kind of magic he was able to make that crack invisible to the naked eye. After 7 hours, these Coquitlam painters didn't even stop for lunch, they removed all their equipment and cleaned up any trace of their presence and hard work.

    The only evidence they'd been there was my now beautiful interior and a tub of small delicious cookies. I'm booking them again for their interior painting service now that I know what they're capable of and I've been recommending them to all of my friends. Gustavo is a maestro of the putty knife and brush and a friendly and gracious person. This Coquitlam painting company is truly the best.

    Merrie W.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Coquitlam painters

    All Painting is a professionally managed painting services company in Burnaby. I contracted them to paint both the interior and exterior for my house in North Burnaby this early summer 2019.

    Not only was my request for estimate responded to promptly, but Ian also drove down for a complimentary site visit. I also picked his brain for paint colors since I was really confused about my choices, however, all my doubts were cleared with Ian's suggestions! In addition to the office staff, Bryan, and the Burnaby painters themselves were really good. They arrived on time, cleaned up after themselves and were not a menace (which sometimes general contractors are!).

    I did have a time crunch, but All Painting managed to efficiently complete the job on time and budget. I highly recommend them for any interior painting and exterior painting projects of any kind. P.S. I did 'shop' around for estimates and this Burnaby painting company on par with the competition. Good value for money.

    Darnell F.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Burnaby painters

    All Painting did a wonderful job for us. We needed a room painted on short notice for a guest. The job wasn't simple. We have a 60-year-old house in Vancouver, and there was a lot of peeling paint with cracks and wall damage that needed to repair before the painting could even be started. Ron's crew finished quickly, and we couldn't be happier. They were polite, clean and quiet. The job was very dusty, but they had the foresight and thoughtfulness to hang plastic sheeting that kept it in the area being worked on.

    We were able to go on with our normal routine in the house comfortably through the patching and painting. After seeing how much work and time were needed and the great results, I understand that we got a lot of value for what we paid. I recommend All Painting.

    Ann B.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Vancouver painters

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