May 6, 2020

Paint Projects to Revamp Your Home

May 6, 2020

It’s easy to become used to what you see after living in your home for a while and that means that after some time, it’s even easy to dismiss unsightly and blemishes. Your floors could be worn down, but you are so used to their appearance that you barely notice. Or your appliances are somewhat old, but you do not even consider them. It might be only when someone important is coming to visit, or whenever you redo another portion of your house, that you begin to check out the flaws with new eyes.

But do not worry — this happens to everyone! And fortunately, you don’t need to get frustrated by every single thing that needs improvement; there are some simple fixes that could really enhance the look of your home in dramatic ways. Take a moment now to search through your home and find out what paint errors could easily be fixed up. Spending some time repainting in these four areas will brighten and revamp your home, letting you see things with a new perspective.


You walk through your front door daily, but do you stop and notice how it’s looking? Has the paint faded or discoloured over time? Is paint chipping? Does the colour look dull? Repainting your front door will give your home an instant boost of freshness.


How does your interior trim look? If it has been a while since it was done, odds are that it’s looking grimy — and the grim is more than a Magic Eraser can handle. So repainting your inner trim may give your house a beautiful new look.


For kids, they seem to think the walls are made to be touched — and often. Like the trimming, there’s only so much you can do to wash off the dirty fingerprints. After a while, it’s simply time to revamp. As time passes, fading happens and it can be almost impossible to match the specific colour of your wall. Touching up typically won’t do the work correctly. Repainting the entire hallway is generally the best way to go.


You may think that your bathroom needs to be the first area painted before the rest of your home. Why? The constant moisture, heavy use, dust, and harsher chemicals in cleaning products combined in this small area can really do a number on the paint. Luckily the space is typically more compact than the rest of the house, and so that you could probably repaint the bathroom in an afternoon.

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