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Commercial Power Washing Services

Power washing is a quick and effective way to strip paint, dirt, and grime off the exterior of a building quickly and efficiently, and with a minimum of fuss. Whether you own a small business or a much larger warehouse unit, power washing is one of the fastest and most efficient methods of cleaning and preparing a commercial exterior surface for repainting, renewal, or general maintenance work.

The team here at All Painting Ltd. is experienced at power washing. We are a BC company that has spent years building trust with customers across Coquitlam and the Lower Mainland. Business owners come to us because they know that we take our work seriously, and because we provide a consistent, friendly, and high-quality service based round their needs and preferences.

At All Painting Ltd. we understand that just because we are entering your business property and it doesn’t mean that your work has to stop. We respect this by being as clean, efficient, and unobtrusive as possible.

So contact us now and talk to a member of our team to schedule a power washing appointment for your commercial space. We are waiting for your call.

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    You can't ask for more once it comes to All Painting. They were beyond great. The superb professional customer service by Bryan PLUS outstanding work is hard to come by. Great price, patient, clean tidy and FAST.

    I will be sticking with this Burnaby painting company for all future painting projects. I had made arrangements for an interior painter to paint my bedrooms. I took my furniture out of my rooms waiting patiently for a Burnaby painter who I found on Craiglist to arrive. He didn't show up at all. Didn't even call, nothing.

    I was unable to get a hold of him. With everything already out of my room, I needed a painter ASAP. I began searching and came across All Painting.

    Out of all the painters, here was something different about All Painting. They stood out from the rest. The person on the phone was very calm, friendly, likable, professional vibe to him. Great energy. Ian, the estimator, was very understanding when I expressed my situation.

    Even with such short notice, and finished in no time. A real professional painting company! I was so grateful. On top of that, the work is extremely good. The lines are really really clean. I was impressed. They even fixed errors the previous painter made.

    Heather E.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Burnaby painters

    After working with All Painting for my home's interior painting job, I finally realized the difference between a professional interior painting company and a painter off Craiglist. Ron and his team treated my home as if it was their own. Gustavo was very respectful of my furniture. Ian helped me pick a fantastic color scheme. I had one particular area that I knew would be troublesome, but their interior painters managed it easily. I was very impressed. I highly recommend them. I will hire again for sure, but I guess not anytime soon, considering they did such a fine job. My paint's going to last for a while.

    Erik W.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Burnaby painters

    I had a great experience with the owner Ron. I compared many different interior painting companies and was very impressed at his presentation. He educated me and broke down all my concerns about painting the interior of my condo in a step by step manner. I really appreciated the hard work and forethought and his attention to detail. His estimator, Ian, also set my mind at ease. I outlined that I needed this interior painting project done fast to rent it out. He promised me 4 days and he over-delivered and was done in 2 days! Very impressed with their interior painting skills and dependability! I would use and recommend this interior painting company for sure!

    Dayna H.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Interior painters

    So professional! The crew from All Painting went out of their way to make sure everything was done right. I had most of the interior of the house painted, and we are so pleased with the result. Highly recommend this interior painting company -- Ron, the owner, and his team of interior painters earned every bit of a 5-star rating.

    Kelsey M.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Port Moody painters

    I had a great experience hiring All Painting! Ian gave us a bid for an interior painting project for several rooms that were right in line with 3 other bids we received. We ended up going with Ian because he had far more experience and knowledge of the interior painting process than the other 3 "contractors" combined. We felt like he cared about us and our home improvements and he followed up throughout the process. We ended up adding an extra room because we were well below our budget. The interior painters were courteous and professional and didn't waste any time getting to work. The interior painting job was completed in 2 days and we are ecstatic! When we paint the exterior in 6 months to a year we will be calling All Painting without hesitation.

    Kerri H.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Port Moody painters

    Great experience working with All Painting Ltd. (Burnaby). I had the team of Burnaby painters come in to do a full top-to-bottom interior paint job on a 1500 square-foot house.

    They worked within my budget, started within about a week of sending me my quote, and finished on-time despite having to work around a few other trades that were also doing work. This Burnaby painting company was friendly, professional, and the work was of good quality.

    My only note to customers is to ensure that the removal of door and/or wall hardware (curtain rods, towel rods, duct covers, etc.) is within the quote's scope (however, if you are handy, this can be an easy DIY job).

    Taylor R.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Burnaby painters

    When Ian came out and gave me the quote he told me it would take approximately three days to do the interior painting job. My condo is around 800 sq ft. I needed them to paint the rooms, living room, hallways, and the ceiling. I would do it myself if I was still young.

    To my surprise, it was done in a day and a half they must’ve pulled an all night to make this happen.

    I arrived at my condo to do the walk-through with the Burnaby painters and everything was clean, tidy, wiped down even the pictures were hung back up on the wall. It was as if I had never left and I came back to a fresh coat of paint.

    I would highly recommend this team of professional painters and I will definitely be using them for my future painting needs. Highly recommend it.

    Hollister H.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Burnaby painters

    We called this company to give us an interior painting quote on our 1,800 sq ft home (which includes a powder room, kitchen, dining, living room, hallway, the stairway to 2nd floor, 7 closets, 4 bedrooms) for repainting and dap caulking on trims. We are updating our house and paint is our last job in the said areas. The ceiling in the living room and dining, 12 door jambs are all newly installed and needed a primer.

    The measurements of the space were done thoroughly by Ian. He also noticed that we did a good job on our home renovations hence he paid a lot more attention to the details when he was coming up with the paint job estimate. He told me he needed a bit more time to come up with a quote because he didn't want the paint job to mess up with any parts of our newly renovated home. He suggested using the professional paint (Benjamin Moore Spec 500 eggshell) that we used last year on our kitchen and powder room instead of the Benjamin Moore Ben line that the other painting company suggested.

    Needless to say, Ian and his team of Coquitlam painters did a great job in my place. The work was all very high quality and they really stuck to the timelines they laid out. I was able to finish my renovation project on time! I will be using All Painting again soon and would recommend this Coquitlam painting company to anybody that is looking for a great paint job.

    Eric P.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Coquitlam painters

    Exactly as advertised, plus. Ron's team of Coquitlam painters showed up on time, 8:30am. I had a small room for them to paint but one wall had wallpaper and there was a mantlepiece with lots of nooks and crannies. Add to that the building is old so there were some major cracks.

    When they left at 3:30 pm the room was transformed. Special note regarding the cracks, which I have come to know quite well over the years. I was not expecting the painting crew to do much about one crack which was about 2 feet long and convex, so not suited to filling. That said, through the lead painter's diligence (his name is Gustavo) and some kind of magic he was able to make that crack invisible to the naked eye. After 7 hours, these Coquitlam painters didn't even stop for lunch, they removed all their equipment and cleaned up any trace of their presence and hard work.

    The only evidence they'd been there was my now beautiful interior and a tub of small delicious cookies. I'm booking them again for their interior painting service now that I know what they're capable of and I've been recommending them to all of my friends. Gustavo is a maestro of the putty knife and brush and a friendly and gracious person. This Coquitlam painting company is truly the best.

    Merrie W.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Coquitlam painters

    I had such a good experience with All Painting. Ian was brilliant in helping me choose the right colors. His crew was professional and respectful. The clean up was perfect. Every day when I walk through the rooms that All Painting's crew painted, I am still so happy with the sharp painting job. The lines between the baseboard and the walls are perfect. I refer this Port Moody painting company to everyone who asks me for a painting contractor.

    Johanna C.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Port Moody painters

    All Painting is a professionally managed painting services company in Burnaby. I contracted them to paint both the interior and exterior for my house in North Burnaby this early summer 2019.

    Not only was my request for estimate responded to promptly, but Ian also drove down for a complimentary site visit. I also picked his brain for paint colors since I was really confused about my choices, however, all my doubts were cleared with Ian's suggestions! In addition to the office staff, Bryan, and the Burnaby painters themselves were really good. They arrived on time, cleaned up after themselves and were not a menace (which sometimes general contractors are!).

    I did have a time crunch, but All Painting managed to efficiently complete the job on time and budget. I highly recommend them for any interior painting and exterior painting projects of any kind. P.S. I did 'shop' around for estimates and this Burnaby painting company on par with the competition. Good value for money.

    Darnell F.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Burnaby painters

    Ron and his team painted my entire house in Burnaby. The project was pretty big because it was an interior painting project as well as an exterior painting project. It was a big job! And we were picky :). I asked a couple of painters to come out for bidding and quoting. All Painting was the most knowledgeable and experienced.

    Of course, they have been around for a while now. Anyways, the job these Burnaby painters did was phenomenal. Throughout the project, All Painting was professional, accommodating, neat and punctual. The quality of work from this Burnaby painting company was outstanding. They went above and beyond to make my home look fabulous. I would recommend All Painting, and have, to anyone looking for an amazing residential painter who is versatile enough for both interior and exterior painting projects. According to my knowledge, the skills required for the painters are quite different.

    Ramone C.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Burnaby painters

    I just had these interior painters from All Painting to do the interior painting project for our condo home in Burnaby and they accommodated me with a lot of scheduling issues. There was a slight miscommunication with one of the items and they immediately took care of it without question. Ron and his crew of Burnaby painters were respectful of me and our home. They went out of their way to make sure that everything was done right. I highly recommend this Burnaby interior painting company.

    Shout out to Ian as well. He was quick to respond with an estimate, reasonably priced, professional, friendly and very reliable. I always felt comfortable with him in my home. The best was that he was super flexible working around our baby's nap schedule when he was quoting our project!

    Riaan D.

    A satisfied client with our team of professional Burnaby painters

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